Antique Solid Silver Waltham Pocket Watch. USA-England, 1912

Elegant antique silver pocket watch by Waltham. With hallmarks in different parts. In fine working order.

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Antique solid silver Waltham pocket watch made in USA-England in 1912. The case was made in England and the movement comes from USA, where the company was founded and located. The watch is a demi-hunter model in excellent condition and fine working order. It shows a classic and original design which will delight any collector. The solid silver case has hallmarks in all the caps and near the crown. The front cap has a central circular opening which lets us see the hands. Framing the opening there is a circular band with the hours in Roman numerals. If we lift the cap, inside we will find the Birmingham silver hallmark and a mark with the initials ALD. Under this cap rests the white dial, protected under the original glass. It has black Roman numerals, poire-type straight hands and secondary hand. At the 12 position we can see the company name, Waltham U.S.A. The rear cap is polished and even and bears the same hallmarks as the front cap, together with the serial number 29096. The cap protects the delicate watchs movement, with the engraved name and location of the manufacturing company and the serial number 17224294. This gorgeous antique solid silver Waltham pocket watch will stand out in a good collection, being also the perfect accessory for any occasion. Dimensions: Diameter: 50 mm. Waltham Watches History The American Waltham Watch Company was founded by David Davis, Aaron Dennison and Edward Howard in 1850 in Massachusetts, USA. Production started in 1952 but it was only in 1853 when they started to sell their own watches as the American Horologe Company. In 1960, in the throes of the American Civil War, the company went into serious financial trouble and went almost bankrupt. Though, it kept in operation by cutting expenses to the lowest level possible. In 1885 the firm changed its name to American Waltham Watch Company, which was maintained for decades with just small changes. As well as watches, they also manufactured and sold clocks. In 1957 they stopped making watches and became the Waltham Precision Instrument Company. The rights to the original name were acquired by the Hallmark Watch Company of Chicago, which kept on selling imported watches under the Waltham brand name.

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