Rare Antique Pocket Watch with Calendar and Moon Phases. 64 mm. Switzerland, Circa 1890

Elegant and rare pocket watch with calendar and moon phases. Made in the late 19th century. In working order.

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Gorgeous antique pocket watch with calendar and moon phases, 64 mm in diameter and made in Switzerland circa 1890. This beautiful watch is in fine condition; it is in good working order except for the months hand, which gets stuck occasionally. Though, it is currently being checked by a professional watchmaker. The case is made of gold-plated steel; it is finely preserved and shows slight signs of wear which provide the watch with a lovely antique patina. Inside the rear cap we can see a mark with the word ACIER (steel in French) and the initials BF, together with the serial number 67643. The black dial is very rare, with fine golden numerals and Louis-XV style hands which stand out on the dark background. The months and the days of the week are in French As fine-looking as original, this rare antique pocket watch with calendar and moon phases will draw anyones attention in any meeting or as part of a good collection. Dimensions: Diameter: 64 mm.

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