Antique Ladies’ Pocket Watch with 3-Colored 18K-Gold Casing. France, Circa 1900

Original 18K gold ladies watch with beautiful applied decoration. Three colors. In working order.

650,00 €


Antique ladies pocket watch with 3-colored 18K-gold casing, made in France circa 1900 and in good working order. The watch mounts a glass front cap which lets us see a golden dial with black Arab numerals and Breguet-style hands. The rear cap shows a gorgeous decoration, with pink and yellow gold applications which make up a floral embossing on the surface. Globally, the gold shows three colors: two different types of yellow and pink. We can see a hallmark in the pendant, a horsehead-shaped mark used for French gold pieces made between the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Under the rear cap we find the dustcap, made of shiny polished golds. Inside both caps we can see the hallmark stated before, together with the serial number 50769. The watchs movement is in fine condition and shows a great working order. This antique ladies pocket watch with 3-colored 18k-gold casing is a fine ancient jewel, as attractive as functional. Dimensions: Width: 30 mm. Weight: 21.28 g.

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