Antique French Navy Side Arm for Administravive Officers. France, 2nd Empire, 1860

Sober antique sidearm of administrative officer of the French Navy. With original leather scabbard. Second French Empire.

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Superb antique side arm or short sword for administrative officer of the French Navy, made in France during the 2nd Empire (circa 1860) and original from the time. The sidearm boasts a sober and attractive design, being a simple and stylish weapon. It comes with its original leather scabbard which preserves the original locket, though the chappe is missing. The leather shows clear signs of the trace of time and an old repairing, but otherwise is almost complete. It mounts a finely-preserved steel blade which looks as if had been sharpened, and wooden hilt with brass cross-guard. The cross-guard is composed of two curved quillons with volutes at each end and is decorated with engraved lines. The black wooden grip is trimmed by a brass pommel on top. Authentic and discreet, this antique short sword or sidearm or machete for an administrative officer of the French Navy stands out for its timeless design and good condition. Dimensions: Blade Length: 14.75 in / 37.5 cm. Total Length: 20 in / 51 cm.

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