Antique Indian Mughal or Khanjar Dagger. Rock Crystal Handle. Damascus, Circa 1900

Wonderful Indian Mughal or Khanjar dagger with carved handle. Very ancient piece in fine condition.

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Antique Indian Mughal or Khanjar dagger with rock crystal handle, made circa 1900 and in amazing condition. The handle, made of rock crystal or hyaline quartz, is carved by hand in the shape of a horse head. The carving work is delicate and precise, and depicts perfectly the beasts head with all its details: ears, eyes, bridles, manes The point where the handle connects the blade is adorned with a carved floral motif too. The wavy damascene blade is also in great condition, with a finely-preserved decoration and nice and fearsome shape. The combination of the white translucent color of the mineral and the silvery damascene steel makes up an outstanding piece, as spectacular as imposing. Any lover of ancient swords and knives will appreciate the beauty of this antique Indian Mughal or Khanjar dagger with rock crystal or hyaline quartz handle, wonderfully preserved and truly original. Dimensions: Blade Length: 10.43 in / 26.5 cm. Total Length: 16.14 in / 41 cm.

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