Antique French Pocketknife from Châtellerault. 15.16 inches. France, 19th Century

Gorgeous French pocketknife in good condition. With hand-decorated side plates. Mid-19th century.

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Antique French navaja, folding knife or pocketknife from Châtellerault, 15.16 inches long, made in the 19th century. This fine piece stands out for its beautiful horn side plates, decorated by hand with a delicate vegetal motif and a curious anthropomorphic figure. The decoration is greatly preserved, complete and with no signs of wear at all. At the end, the handle is trimmed by a silvery-metal detail composed of several spherical pieces, adorned with engraved parallel lines. The steel blade is simple and even, and wan blunted and shortened at some point. The pocketknife mounts two original rings: a white-metal one at the end and a brass one at the point where the handle connects the blade. This antique French pocketknife from Châtellerault, 15.16 inches long, will stand out in any showcase or collection for its appeal and authenticity. Dimensions: Length: Closed: 8.86 in / 22.5 cm. Open: 15.16 in / 38.5 cm.

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