Antique French horse racing betting game. France, Circa 1900

Amazing antique horse racing betting game. Complete and in perfect working order. Collectors piece.



Superb antique French horse racing betting game, made circa 1900 and in very good condition. The game is complete and preserves all its component parts and pieces, even the original flag. This particular piece is usually missing in most of this games. The game process is quite simple: the players put the money in the central cup and the horses are put in the start line. Then the side crank is actioned several times, until the race finishes. The horse which is closer to the flag wins the race, and the player who has put his or her bets on it takes the cups content. The game mounts eight horses for the same number of players. The horses are complete and in fine condition, with a greatly-preserved original polychrome finish. The mechanism is hidden inside a wooden box covered in tobacco-colored leatherette. The side crank is adorned with a metal plate with two embossed inscriptions: JEU DE COURSE (Racing Game) and the manufacturers name, M. J. & CIE. Attractive and special, this antique French racing game will stand out in any meeting or as part of a collection of curious antiques. Dimensions: Side: 14.75 in / 37 cm.

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