Antique French Sword for Military Justice Officer. M. 1583. France

Beautiful antique sword for military justice officer. Model 1853. With original scabbard, both very well preserved.



Antique French sword for military justice officer M. 1853, made in France and in amazing condition. The sword shows quite a beautiful aesthetic and design and is complete, coming with its original scabbard. The embossed brass hilt mounts a two-piece cross-guard. The rear piece is foldable and bears no decoration, while the front one is fixed and is adorned with an engraved allegory. The hilt is adorned with a spiral-shaped vegetal-inspired motif and mounts a lean pommel and a simple D-guard. The steel blade looks shiny and even; it is greatly preserved, just like the black leather scabbard with brass locket and chape. Its ancient age, beauty and fine condition turn this antique French sword for military justice officer M. 1853 into a real collectors piece, as fine-looking as authentic. Dimensions: Blade Length: 31.7 in / 80.5 cm. Total Length: 37.8 in / 96 cm.

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