Rare Ceremonial Sword for Firefighter Officer. Germany, Circa 1930?

Rare ceremonial sword for firefighter officer in fine condition. With serial number. Beautiful piece.



Rare German Dress Sword for Fire Officer made in Germany circa 1930?, complete and in excellent condition. We put the year 1930 with a question mark because we are not sure if it is that year. We have not found much information about German firefighter swords in our catalogs or on the Internet. Although this is a very special piece, both for its beautiful and flamboyant design and its rare quality. Perhaps it is a sword of a fire officer of a provincial fire department or of a specific region, and that is why the catalogs do not include this sword model. But the style, the type of manufacture and the materials indicate that it is a German sword of that period, in our opinion.The steel blade looks greatly preserved: is decorated with delicate plant-inspired engravings and military and fire department allegories, complex and in very good condition. The metal looks shiny. The hilt is made of silvery metal, with a pommel shaped as a lions head and a cross-guard adorned with two crossed torches (as symbol of the fire brigade). The D-guard shows a gorgeous embossed decoration. The grip retains the original ray-skin covering and twine, which suggest that this sword could have been forged before WWII. At the cross-guard we can see the serial number 8834 clearly engraved on the metal. Spectacular and special, this rare German ceremonial dress sword for firefighter officer is an exclusive piece, worthy to belong to a museum or a great collection. Dimensions: Blade Length: 33.26 in / 84.5 cm. Total Length: 38.77 in / 98.5 cm.

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