Antique Spanish Plug Bayonet. Toledo, Spain, 1872

Gorgeous hunting bayonet made in Toledo, Spain in the late 19th century. In good condition. Hand-engraved blade.



Striking antique Spanish plug bayonet made in Toledo, Spain in 1872.This fine-looking piece stands out for its good condition and its beautiful design. The blade bears a great hand-engraved decoration with a stylized symmetrical vegetal-inspired design, crowned by the year of manufacture (1872). The hilt is also a beautiful piece: the cross-guard is made of brass and is molded and carved simulating scrolls and wavy leaves. In the center we can see the engraved name of the city where the bayonet was forged, TOLEDO. The grip is made of black wood, probably ebony, and is turned in an elegant and stylized design. Any lcollector will appreciate the authenticity and the attractive of this antique Spanish plug bayonet, made in Toledo 150 years ago and in really fine condition. Dimensions: Blade Length: 8.46 in / 21.5 cm. Total Length: 14.56 in / 37 cm.

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