Antique Eickhorn Nazi Sword M. 1714 for Infantry Officer. Germany, WWII

Authentic Nazi sword M. 1714. One of the 9 models patented by Carl Eickhorn for infantry officers. 100% original.



Antique Nazi sword M 1714, totally original, for wehrmacht officer, made by Eickhorn in Germany during WWII. This sword is totally original and authentic, being one of the 9 models (variants) for infantry officer patented by the company founded by Carl Eickhorn in Solingen, Germany in 1865. In the mid to late 1930s, the firm of Carl Eickhorn produced a series of swords named after famous men in German history. Referred to by Eickhorn as the Feldherrn series (commander series), collectors refer to this group as the "Field Marshal" series. Specifically, the 1714 model is denoted "von Stein" in honor of Heinrich Friedrich Karl Reichsfreiherr vom Stein (October 25, 1757 - June 29, 1831) who was a Prussian statesman who introduced reforms that led to the unification of Germany. The sword we see in the pictures preserves all its parts: the hilt has lost part of the original gold finish, but retains the engraving with the Nazi symbol (the eagle perched on the swastika) on the cross, perfectly identifiable. The silver-plated wire is in excellent condition. The steel blade is in excellent condition, with the maker's name and stamp engraved on the top. The scabbard is black metal and is well preserved, being the perfect complement to display this sword as it deserves.

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