Prussian Artillery Side Arm Model 1845. Germany, Circa 1855

Amazing Prussian artillery side sword mod. 1845 in excellent condition. Complete. With PDL mark (Peter Daniel Lüneschloss).



Antique Prussian artillery side sword model 1845, complete and made in Germany circa 1855. This fascinating weapon draws our attention for its great condition, shared by the side sword and the scabbard which comes with it. It mounts a greatly preserved steel blade with a mark close to the hilt. This mark contains the initials of the sword maker which forged the side arm: PDL (Peter Daniel Lüneschloss). The brass hilt has several inscriptions of different regiments, letters and numbers on the cross, some of them crossed out, and a crown at one of the quillons. The grip is made of brass too and is in good condition. The scabbard which protects the blade is the original one, made of black leather and with brass locket and chape. The leather has survived to our days in great condition too, showing only slights signs of the trace of time and use. No good collection of weapons will be complete without a piece such as this Prussian artillery side sword model 1845, original from the time and very well preserved. Dimensions: Blade Length: 19.1 in / 62.5 cm. Total Length: 24.6 in / 48.5 cm.

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