Antique Spanish Plug Bayonet. Toledo, Spain, 19th Century

Beautiful hunting bayonet made in Toledo, Spain. With original scabbard. Blade covered with



Antique Spanish hunting plug bayonet made in Toledo, Spain in the 19th century and of superb presence. This weapon is more than one hundred years old but has survived to our days in good condition, preserving its original scabbard too. The scabbard was trimmed sometime. Nevertheless, it is the original one and keeps its great metalwork (chape and locket) with a fine hand-engraved decoration matching the blades. The bayonet itself shows a great beauty, with lathed wooden grip and s-shaped cross-guard. The rain-guard bears the inscription FÁBRICA DE TOLEDO (Factory of Toledo), which testifies for its origin. The rest of the blade is covered with symmetrical engraved motifs on both sides. The decoration is composed of scrolls and schematic vegetal motifs which cover the cross-guard too. It is finely preserved, complete and scarcely worn. This antique Spanish hunting bayonet made in Toledo is a singular and fine-looking piece, very decorative and still fearsome. Dimensions: Blade Length: 9.65 in / 24.5 cm. Total Length: 15.75 in / 40 cm.

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