Napoleonic Saber for Cavalry Officer Type Mod. An XI. France, 1st Empire

Fine Napoleonic saber for senior officers, very rare and unique. Custom-made weapon with decorated blade.



Gorgeous French Napoleonic saber for senior light cavalry officer mod. AN XI, made in France during the 1st Empire, circa 1804-14. This is an extremely rare and beautiful saber, an exclusive custom-made piece with a really beautiful design. In the hilt, one of the quillons is missing; even so, this brass part boasts a magnificent design with embossed decorations. The cross-guard includes an almond-shape appliqué designed to connect the scabbard to the hilt. The grip is covered by the original leather and preserves the twisted wire too. The steel blade shows a subtle paved decoration, composed of very subtle scrolls and stylized vegetal motifs. The steel scabbard mounts brass reinforcements which match the hilts decoration, remaining in fine condition too. This exclusive Napoleonic saber for senior light cavalry officer mod. ANXI will be an excellent acquisition for any self-respecting collection of antique weapons. Dimensions: Blade Length: 32.87 in / 83.5 cm. Total Length: 38.18 in / 97 cm.

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