Antique Infantry Officer Sword Model 1845. France, 1888

Superb French sword for infantry officer, model 1845. Late 19th century. In good condition.



Antique Infantry Officer Sword Model 1845. France, 1888

Antique infantry officer sword model 1845 forged in France in 1888 and in good condition. It comes with its original steel scabbard and preserves its inherent beauty and integrity except for the twine, currently missing. The hilt is made of brass, with hallmarks at the cross-guard and the engraved number 28619. It is adorned with a fine engraved openwork decoration with flowers and scrolls; the pommel bears some engraved leaves too. The dark wooden grip is in quite good condition, with the top groove preserving remains of the original brass twine. The blade bears a hand-engraved inscription with the sword’s model and year of manufacture. The scabbard looks really fine too and preserves the original ring to hang the sword from the uniform.

As attractive as authentic, this antique infantry officer sword model 1845 is a piece with a remarkable decorative potential.

Dimensions: Blade Length: 30.31 in / 77 cm. Total Length: 36.22 in / 92 cm.

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