Versace & Rosenthal. Luxury Tableware, Model Medusa. 70 Pieces

Outstanding Medusa-Ikarus porcelain dinnerware by Rosenthal Meets Versace. Complete and in flawless condition.

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Versace & Rosenthal. Luxury Tableware, Model Medusa. 70 Pieces

Extraordinary luxury Versace porcelain tableware model Medusa, composed of 70 pieces of Rosenthal porcelain and in amazing condition. This is an exclusive set, complete and of an outstanding beauty, whose central motif is the iconic Medusa head which identifies Versace brand. The porcelain set is the model Medusa-Ikarus, one of the first of the series ‘Rosenthal Meet Versace’, a collaboration between the luxury porcelain brand and the famous designer. All the pieces are delicately decorated in crimson red, black and golden ochre, with hand-painted touches of gold which provide the set with richness and glamour. The dinnerware is composed by the following:

• 6 shallow dishes
• 6 base dishes
• 6 soup dishes
• 6 dessert dishes
• 6 tea cups wit 6 saucers
• 6 coffee cups wit 6 saucers
• 2 central bowls with dishes
• 2 small round auxiliary dishes
• 2 small square auxiliary dishes
• 1 oval sauceboat base
• 1 sauceboat
• 3 serving dishes
• 2 central salad bowls
• 1 2,3 l soup tureen
• 1 small tureen
• 1 coffee pot
• 1 tea pot
• 1 milk pot
• 2 candlesticks

All the pieces keep the same chromatic array, rich and elegant, over the white porcelain background. Though the main theme is the Medusa head, the decoration also includes scrolls, floral arrangements, symmetrical bands, couples of angels and Pompeiian-style ornaments which make up both a spectacular and aristocratic set. The cups, the pots and the tureens have gold-painted winged-shaped handles, a detail which justifies the name ‘Medusa-Ikarus’ (Icarus). At the back, every piece has the Rosenthal mark and the Versace logo and brand name, together with the Medusa name. All the pieces are in perfect condition, with no signs of wear (even in the gold parts), hairlines, restorations or cracked edges.

This item is more of a luxury item than an antique. Although the model is no longer manufactured, some of these pieces can still be found in specialized establishments. If you managed to find them all, to assemble this set, an interested person would have to be willing to pay for a dinner service with the same pieces about 18,000 euros or 20,000 US$. This would be the real value of this luxury set from the house Versace.

This extraordinary Versace porcelain dinnerware model Medusa, composed of 70 pieces, is more than a tableware. It is a real statement, a true masterpiece of design and craftsmanship which combines Greek mythology and Italian luxury, ideal to add a touch of glamour to the most special moments.

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