Amazing Antique Carved Bull Bone Triptych. Valencia, Spain, Circa 1900

Exceptional carved bull-bone triptych in excellent condition. Around one hundred years old. Very beautiful.

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Amazing antique carved bull bone triptych made in Valencia, Spain circa 1900 and in very good condition. The triptych is composed of a wooden foot which supports the three panels: a central one, wider and still, and the foldable side panels. All the parts, including the foot, are covered by bull bone plates carved by hand with delicacy and mastery. The decoration is neogothic in style, with stylized figures under capitals. In the center we can see Virgin Mary with Jesus in Her arms, accompanied by four archangels playing musical instruments (two at each side). At the top there is an image of God blessing the World. The side panels bear plates with carvings of saints holding small books decorated with crosses (maybe the Gospel, but the figures are not accompanied by the Evangelists symbols). The foot is adorned with a plate depicting to faces in profile flanking a coat of arms. As ancient as imposing, this striking antique carved-bull-bone triptych will shine in a stylish room. Dimensions: Foots Width: 8.07 in / 20.5 cm. Total Width: 13.9 in / 35.3 cm. Height: 15.75 in / 40 cm.

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