Extraordinary 18K Gold Detent Pocket Watch. Switzerland, Circa 1880

Awesome gold detent pocket watch with striking decoration. In very good condition and working order. Exceptional movement.

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Extraordinary 18K Gold Detent Pocket Watch. Switzerland, Circa 1880

Extraordinary 18K gold detent pocket watch made in Switzerland circa 1880 and strikingly beautiful. It mounts a rare pivoted detent chronometer escapement with helical spiral, very rare and delicate, protected with a glass lid under the dustcap. This makes it a first class collector's watch, as these movements are very rare, made only by the best watchmakers. The case is made of 18K gold and shows a gorgeous hand-engraved decoration. At the rear cap we can see a grotesque mask, a symmetrical faun’s face surrounded by vegetal-inspired motifs of Pompeian or Venetian inspiration. The front cap is adorned with a rampant lion holding a shield which is supported by scrolls and acanthus leaves. The dustcap is also engraved by hand, in this case with inscriptions about the movement. The three caps bear the 18K gold mark and the number 63487, which at the front one is shortened to 87. The dial is made of finely embossed silver with gold appliqués. It mounts coppery fassonzeiger (fantasy) hands and Black roman numerals. The watch comes in a fine solid-wooden box with red satin and velvet lining, perfect to store and protect it.

As attractive as valuable, this extraordinary 18K gold detent pocket watch is a true high-level collector’s item.

Dimensions: Width 53 mm. Weight: 142 g.

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