Antique Seibert Wetzlar Monocular Microscope. Germany, Circa 1920

Outstanding Seibert Wetzlar Monocular microscope in excellent working order. With wooden case, objectives and eyepieces.

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Microscopio Monocular Seibert Wetzlar Antiguo. Alemania, Sobre 1920
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Antique Seibert Wetzlar Monocular Microscope. Germany, Circa 1920

Antique Seibert Wetzlar monocular microscope made in Germany circa 1920, in fine condition and with its original mahogany wooden case. This device shows clearly the quality of the manufacturer’s products, a pioneer brand in the field of microscopy, being also in great working order. It is composed of a solid black-lacquered horseshoe foot and a set of mobile brass component parts. The lacquer is finely preserved and only shows the logical signs of wear due to the trace of time and use. The brass parts preserve a coat of ancient transparent lacquer which provides them with a lovely patina. The rack-and-pinion system and the shutter are in good condition too and move fluidly, just like the rest of the mobile parts. The microscope mounts a three-lens revolving nosepiece and at its back we can see the engraved brand, Seibert in Wetzlar. It comes with three lenses (with their original brass sleeves) and three eyepieces, all of them by the maker. The whole set comes in a solid-mahogany wooden case, well preserved and with an operating lock.

This classic and antique Seibert Wetzlar monocular microscope is the perfect piece to become part of any collection of turn-of-the-century scientific devices.

Dimensions: Width: 3.94 in / 10 cm. Heigh: 13.77 in / 35 cm. Depth: 5.9 in / 15 cm.

Seibert Microscopes - History

In the 1850s, Wihelm and Heinrich Seibert were working in the famous Carl Keller’s optical company in Wetlzar. Enrst Gundlach was working there too, and in 1859 he left the company to start his own workshop, taking the Seibert brothers with him. He had poor business skills and soon the business went bankrupt; Gundlach moved to England in 1860 and came back to Germany in 1865. He started another microscope company and again the Seiberts went with him, but in 1872 the business was again in financial trouble. The Seibert brothers, together with Georg Krafft, bought the company. Gundlach had to agree not to found another business in Germany so he moved to the USA. Meanwhile, the Seiberts and Krafft returned to Wetzlar; the company was known as Seiberts & Krafft till 1884, and as W. & H. Seibert until 1925. After the death of Otto Seibert, Leitz Wetzlar took over the business.

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