Antique Reichert Monocular Microscope. Vienna, circa 1920

Big C. Reichert microscope from the early 20th century, with accessory set. Double shutter. In its original case.

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Antique Reichert Monocular Microscope. Vienna, 1920
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Antique Reichert Monocular Microscope. Vienna, circa 1920

Antique Reichert microscope made in Vienna, Austria, circa 1920. This device comes in its original mahogany wooden case and is in very good condition. It is an imposing piece, big-sized and quite complete – it includes a set of 4 objectives and 3 eyepieces and mounts a double shutter in perfect working order. The microscope has a three-lens revolving nosepiece and is made of black-lacquered metal and brass, both finely preserved. The rack-and-pinion system that makes it possible to move the turret is in fine working order and slides softly. At the turret and the back of the horseshoe foot we can see the engraved manufacturer’s name, C. REICHERT – WIEN. At the foot we can also read the device’s serial number, 41234. The mahogany wooden case is in good condition too: it shows a sturdy and fine-looking design, with dovetail joints and the original lock and key set in working order.

This wonderful antique Reichert microscope will stand out in any collection of scientific antiques for its beauty and its functional quality.

Dimensions: Width: 4.92 in / 15.35 cm. Height: 13.35 in /39 cm. Depth: 7.08 in / 18 cm.

Carl Reichert - History

Carl Reichert founded the C. Reichert microscope company in Vienna in 1876. He learned the business with Ernst Leitz, his brother-in-law, in his factory of Wetzlar (Germany). After the learning, Reichert moved to Vienna to start his own business: it grew rapidly and by 1930 their 10000th microscope was produced. Years later, in 1962 the family sold the company to the American Optical, which in 1968 was acquired by the pharmaceutical company Warner Lambert. In 1972 and within this company, Reichert merged with Jung, another renowned German microscope maker. After different vicissitudes, in 1999 Reichert stopped making this instruments. From then on, their activity is focused in producing instruments for sample preparations for transmission electron microscopes.

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