Antique Nachet Brass Microscope Mod. 11. France, Circa 1890

Fine Nachet 11 microscope in very good condition. Original mahogany case. In great working order.

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Antiguo Microscopio Nachet de Latón, Mod. 11. Francia, Circa 1890
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Antique Nachet Brass Microscope Mod. 11. France, Circa 1890

Very antique NACHET ET FILS, 17, rue St. Severin Paris. ade in France circa 1890, in excellent condition and fine working order. This beautiful device is nearly 150 years old, and even so it is still apt to watch samples. All its component parts move softly, including the fine focus system, which makes it possible to get a maximum precision. The microscope is entirely made of brass and preserves the protecting lacquer, as well as the lovely patina it provides. At the foot we can see the manufacturer’s name and address, engraved in capital lettering: NACHET ET FILS, 17, rue St. Severin Paris. It is accompanied with a set of 3 objectives and 2 eyepieces – the objectives are stored in their own case, covered of black leatherette and maroon velvet. The microscope and the accessories come in their original case, a sober mahogany wooden box with dovetail joints an operational lock and key.

This antique NACHET ET FILS, 17, rue St. Severin Paris keeps all its old-time charm, but also its functionality.

Dimensions: Width: 3.14 in / 8 cm. Height: 11.02 in / 28 cm. Depth: 3.93 in / 10 cm.

Nachet Microscopes – History

Camille Sebastian Nachet was a Parisian optician who developed his career in the French capital city in the earlt 19th century. In the beginning, Nachet made lenses for the famous microscope maker Chevalier; but soon he opened his own microscope workshop in Rue Serpente 16, Paris. His first instruments had the same design as popular drum microscopes made by other manufacturers. In the mid-19th century (circa 1850) Nachet was succeeded by his son Alfred and the company was renamed Nachet et Fils. Nachet was once considered one of the three leading microscope and lens manufacturers of Paris, together with Chevalier and Oberhauser.

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