Antique Oil Painting 'The Resurrection of Lazarus'. 1777

Magnificent baroque painting of the Spanish school with the theme of the Resurrection of Lazarus. Very good condition. Original oil painting.

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Striking oil on canvas entitled Raising of Lazarus, painted in 1777 by an artist that belonged to the Baroque Spanish School. The painting carries in the back a little readable signature, is dated 1777 and is original of time. It is wonderfully preserved and shows clearly the painters great talent through some features, such as the accurate stroke, the wonderful colors and the compositions perfect balance. The painting was restored years ago: we can see some reinforcements in the edges and two torn parts at the back, perfectly repaired. These are professional interventions, greatly performed and that make it possible to enjoy the work and appreciate it in all its value. This picture is a great example of baroque Spanish painting. The scene is full of people, all of them moving and showing their astonishment and even their fear. The color palette go from the skys subtle ochre tones, where some angels watch the action that takes place on Earth, to the bright blue and red colors of Jesus Christs clothes. The good use of chiaroscuros is another example of the good use of the baroque technique, focused on the contrast between lights and shadows to create strongly theatrical scenes. The famous scene from the Bible appears in the Gospel of John (John, 11). After being told about the death of his friend Lazarus of Betania, Jesus goes to his tomb and tells him to get up. Lazarus rises to the astonishment of the people. In the painting Jesus is accompanied by the apostles, the dead mans sisters and some other people. In the background we can see the sea, and to the left there is a majestic building. Up in the sky, groups of angels and cherubs watch the miracle. The picture is mounted on a lovely gilded frame, perfect to enhance its beauty and ancient age. This awesome work of art from the Spanish baroque painting school will be a real eye-catcher once hung in a great dining room or study. Measurements: Canvas: Width: 25.20 in / 64 cm. Height: 36.22 in / 92 cm. Frame: Width: 32.67 in / 83 cm. Height: 43.30 / 110 cm.

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