Antique Gilt-Silver Monstrance. Enamels and Rubies. 31 inches. France, 19th Cent.

Amazing gilt-silver monstrance adorned with enamels. Embedded rubies. With detailed hand-embossed motifs.



Spectacular antique gilt-silver monstrance with enamels and rubies, 31 inches high and made in France in the 19th century. The monstrance is in amazing condition and shows an original and attractive Neo-Gothic design. It comes with an old-time case which has been adapted to its size, perfect to store and carry it. The monstrance bears a delicate satin gilt-finish, very uncommon in these pieces and in excellent condition. The circular foot stands on four amazing legs which reproduce winged dragons, and is adorned with four figures of angels in an attitude of prayer. This piece also bears the hallmark of antique French silver. The monstrances Sun, the top part of the piece, shows a truly superb design. It is shaped as a four-petal symmetrical flower, with the four parts decorated with ultramarine, white, green, red and black enamels. Each petal contains a silver figure depicting an Evangelist, each one with the body of their symbols (the lion, the eagle, the ox and the angel). Between the petals we find four real cabochon-carved rubies. The petals are trimmed by original gilt-silver details composed of slim symmetrical sunrays adorned by schematic wheat stalks and scrolls. The center of the Sun is occupied by the original lunette, perfectly preserved. The monstrance is crowned by a Latin cross which stands on a group of wheat stalks, similar to those of the sunrays. This spectacular antique gilt-silver monstrance with enamels and rubies will shine in a great collection of sacred art, being also the perfect accessory for the celebration of Eucharist. Dimensions: Foots Width: 11.41 in / 29 cm. Lunettes Width: 2.36 in / 6 cm. Total Width: 17,12 in / 43.5 cm. Height: 31.10 in / 79 cm. Weight: 3630 g.

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