Antique Verge-Fusee Pocket Watch with Leton Enamel. France, Circa 1800

Fine antique enameled verge-fusee pocket watch signed by Leton. In good condition and excellent working order.

1 500,00 €


Charming antique verge-fusee with Leton enamel, made in France circa 1800 and in excellent condition. The watch works fine, the movement having been tuned and cleaned to guarantee its good performance. The metal case has a rear cap decorated with a beautiful enamel depicting a romantic scene. The scene takes place in a rural landscape and shows a woman with a child (probably a mother and her son). The woman is sitting and listens to the boy reading a book. The image is contained in an almond-shaped medal, framed by a royal-blue band with a light-blue flowery motif. We can also see a border decorated with gold and silver spades and arches. The dial is made of white porcelain; it mounts Breguet hands and has black Arab hours and red numerals for the seconds. Inside the rear cap we find the name LETON engraved in capital lettering, the mark of the French enameller J. F. Valeri Leton. Delicate and gorgeous, this antique verge-fusee pocket watch with Leton enamel is an amazing artisanal piece. Dimensions: Diameter: 50 mm.

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