Antique Zenith 18K Gold Pocket Watch. Switzerland, Circa 1940

Gorgeous ultraplane Zenith pocket watch in excellent condition. With dedication in Arabic. Engraved by hand and in very good working order.

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Antique Zenith 18K Gold Pocket Watch. Switzerland, Circa 1940

Antique Zenith 18K gold ultra-thin pocket watch, made in Switzerland circa 1940 and in striking condition and working order. The watch mounts a gold casing with engraved lid, decorated with a stylized modernist-inspired vegetal motif and a monogram. Along the edge we can see an inscription in Arabic, translated ‘Wedding gift for Mohamed BK Camel Azet on August 5th, 1943’. The BK abbreviation is similar to the English ‘Mr.’ The white porcelain dial, protected by the original glass pane, mounts Breguet gilt metal hands and black Roman numerals. It also shows the inscription CHRONOMÉTRE - ZENITH at the 12 position. The rear cap has the 18K gold mark and the engraved serial number 15634. The movement is also wonderfully preserved and is signed by the maker, ZENITH, accompanied by the serial number 2871191.

As stylish as special, this antique Zenith 18K gold pocket watch, ultraplane and with dedication, is a real collector’s item.

Dimensions: 49 mm. Weight: 76 g.

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