Virgin Mary with Jesus in Her Arms. Oil on Copper. Italian School, 17th Century

Outstanding oil painting depicting Virgin Mary with Her Son in Her Arms. Very antique.

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Wonderful Virgin Mary with Her Son Jesus in Her Arms, an oil on copper from the Italian School painted in the 17th century. This is a really antique piece, nearly 400 years old; as well as for its ancient age, is an exceptional work of art for its great execution. The artist reflects Marys grief at Her Sons death with a remarkable intensity. The diagonal composition creates movement and tension, while the contrast between the lights and the shadows and the color array make up a beautiful balanced effect. Virgin Mary is in the center of the scene, holding Jesus in Her lap. Jesus Chris has His feet on the ground and lets His head fall showing His condition. The Virgins face, framed by light beams on a red cloudy sky, looks upwards with tearful eyes. The red and green colors of the landscape and the clothes make a powerful contrast with Our Lords white Body, which seems to emit its own light and therefore turns into the main theme of the painting. The simple water-gilt frame provides the work with presence and enhances its fine colors. This amazing oil on copper depicting Virgin Mary with Her Son Jesus in Her Arms, original from the 17th-Century Italian School, is a superb piece worthy of a museum or a great collection. Dimensions: Oil without Frame: Width: 6.3 in / 16 cm. Height: 8.43 in / 21.5 cm. Frame: Width: 8.66 in / 22 cm. Height: 11 in / 28 cm. "IMPORTANT: In order to export antique artwork outside of Spain, it is necessary to apply for a special art export permit that is processed by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. These permits can take between 2 and 6 weeks, after which time it can be exported as antique artwork. Keep this in mind when purchasing."

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