Antique Solid Silver and Cobalt Glass Cruet Set. France, 19th Century

Beautiful solid silver and carved blue glass cruet set. Elegant turn-of-the-century design. In fine condition.



Rare and antique solid silver and blue glass cruet set, made in France in the 19th century and in very good condition. As well as for their inherent beauty, these cruets stand out for their rare carved cobalt blue glass bottles. The set shows a stylized design, with straight and simple lines, combining modernist and neoclassical elements. The cruets are entirely made of cobalt glass, even the handles. The plugs or caps are made of solid silver and so is the stand; they all bear hallmarks that identify antique French silver pieces. The stand is composed of different parts: a tray with curved legs, two latticework recipients for the cruets and a central stem with handle, designed to lift and carry the set. The silver recipients have oval non-engraved medallions, probably for the letters which identify the water and the wine. This antique solid silver and blue glass cruet set stand out for its rare quality, beautiful design and amazing condition, being the ideal item for the celebration of Eucharist or to be shown in a special piece. Dimensions: Width: 9.25 in / 23.5 cm. Height: 10.24 in / 26 cm. Depth: 4.45 in / 11.3 cm. Weight (Without Bottles): 445 g.

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