Antique Charles Mendel Field Camera. 8x13. France, Circa 1890

Genuine antique Charles Mendel field camera. For 8x13 cm plates. In excellent condition.



Antique Charles Mendel camera with Carl Zeiss Jena lens Tessar 1:4,5 f=21 for 8x13 cm plates, made in France circa 1890 and in very good condition. This camera is entirely original from the late 19th century, remaining wonderfully preserved. The camera mounts solid-mahogany wooden case with French-polish finish. The finish is in excellent condition and provides the wood with a fine satin glow. The brass metalwork are also well preserved and so are the lens mount (made of black plastic) and the bellows, which shows no light leaks. The release and the shutter are also in good working order, so today the camera could be perfectly used to capture images on glass plates. In fact, it includes an original 8x13 plate charger. The objective preserves the original lens; the plastic mount bears the printed manufacturers name, Carl Zeiss Jena, and the model: Tessar 1:4,5 f-21 cm. At the top of the wooden plank located behind the objective we can see a screwed brass plate. The plate bears the engraved inscription APPAREILS PHOTOGRAPHIQUES CH. MENDEL PARIS and the manufacturers address. El disparador y el regulador de la velocidad de apertura están también en estado de funcionamiento, de manera que a día de hoy la cámara se podría utilizar perfectamente para capturar imágenes sobre placas de vidrio. De hecho, incluye un cartucho para placas de 8x13 original de época. El objetivo conserva la lente original; en el cuerpo de baquelita podemos ver impreso el nombre del fabricante, Carl Zeiss Jena, y el modelo: Tessar 1:4,5 f-21 cm. En la parte superior de la pieza de madera situada detrás del objetivo podemos ver una placa de latón fijada con tornillos. La placa muestra la inscripción APPAREILS PHOTOGRAPHIQUES CH. MENDEL PARIS, junto con la dirección del fabricante. At the back of the camera there is a compartment designed to house the plate charger. This piece preserves the original smoked-glass rear pane. The glass is in perfect condition, a rare feature as these panes usually break with the trace of time. It is mounted on a wooden frame connected to the charger by hinges. At the top it mounts a brass handle for an easy removal. Original, well preserved and very good looking, this antique Charles Mendel field camera will stand out in a collection of old-time cameras. Measurements: Length: 11.6 in / 29 cm - 18.6 in / 46 cm. Depth: 7.2 in/ 18 cm. Height: 10 in / 25 cm.

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