Leica III Photographic Camera, 1938

Leica III c camera from 1938. In perfect working condition.



Leica III camera made in 1938 by Ernst Leitz Wetzlar ( Leica = Leitz Camera). This great camera is a real icon in 20th century photographic art and photojournalism. The camera is in excellent condition and working order,although it has not been tested with film. It comes with its original dark leather case, which keeps the strap meant to hang the camera from the neck. Its design is classical, smart and functional; this is one of the most famous cameras of all times and a real milestone if we consider its quality and results.The cameras body is made of silvery metal and the center part is covered by a black material simulating leather. At the top we can see the logo with the name of the brand, Leica DRP, making an elegant signature engraved in the metal. Just under this signature we can see the name of the manufacturer company: Ernst Leitz Wetzlar. To the left, the cameras serial number is also engraved: Nº 308503. The objective bears the following inscription: Summitar F=5 cm 1:2, and it has also its own serial number: Nº 487672. The camera keeps all its original pieces and is in very good condition, with no rusted or worn parts. The leather case which protects the camera is also original and is in quite good condition, especially if we consider that this is an old piece. Leica brand is an acronym of the words Leitz Camera. Leitz was the surname of Ernst Leitz, a German engineer that started working in the Optical Institute of Wetzlar in 1865. In 1869 Leitz became the owner of the company and called it Optical Institute of Leitz. Nowadays the firm is formed by three companies: Leica Camera AG, Leica Geosystems AG, and Leica Microsystems AG, which produce cameras, geosurvey equipment and microscopes. The first Leica cameras were built by Oskar Barnack, an engineer working for the brand; Leica III was the last model he was responsible for before his death.

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