Magnificent Leica IIIa Camera, Year 1938.

You are looking at a magnificent Leica IIIa camera from 1938, which as you can see, is in a very good...



You are observing a superbt Leica IIIa camera made in 1938, which as you see, is in a fantastic state of preservation. The serial number of the camera is 297,893. It has a Summar 2 / 5 cms lens with serial number 446,219. The camera is in shooting condition but it stucks lightky at longer speeds, so a cleaning would be needed for reuse. Moreover, as shown, is in a great state. Note that the chrome is preserved near as the first day. The camera body is also flawless. This camera was manufactured in 1938, and as shown has minimal traces of use. Also comes with its original cover.

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