Jumelle Stereoscopic Camera in Good Condition. France, 1925

Beautiful French Jumelle stereoscopic camera, made in 1925. In good condition.



Fine Jumelle stereoscopic camera made in France in 1925. It is an original camera from those times that preserves all its original component parts. It is in very good condition and has a guillotine shutter in working order. All the mechanic components are functional, though the camera has not been tested with plates. This model was designed and commercialized by the firm DeMaria-Lapierre from Paris. We can see the companys name in the cameras lenses, two Rectilineaire Rector Extra-Rapide; this name is engraved in both of them and they are also in good condition. This model is designed to be used with 45x107mm glass plates and comes also with a charger. The cameras case bears the monogram of the manufacturers: DL. The French word jumelle means binoculars; these cameras were called so because the user had to hold them in front of his or her eyes when using them, just as when using binoculars. The firm DeMaria-Lapierre became very popular in the early 20th century because of their stereo cameras (such as the one we can see in these images) and folding models, specially the Telka III. This charming camera deploys a remarkable personality, being also an indispensable piece in a great collection of antique cameras. Measurements: Ancho: 5.3 in/15,3 cm. Alto: 2.9 in/7,5 cm.

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