Antique Vérascope Stereoscopic Camera. Jules Richard. France, Circa 1910

Antique turn-of-the-century Vérascope stereoscopic camera. Perfect as an exhibition item. With original case.



Antique Vérascope stereoscopic camera by Jules Richard made in France circa 1910, with protecting case and original from the time. The camera is made of metal and remains in good condition, showing off the patina acquired along the years and with a fine old-time look with an undeniable charm. It comes with the original black leather case, complete and in surprisingly good condition. The camera preserves the original lenses and viewer; it comes with an automatic plate charger and original shutter in working order. One of the chargers inner springs is not in working order and the lenses and viewer show some dirt; these features turn the camera into a collectors item, bound to be used as an exhibition piece. At the back of the camera we can see a mark with the cameras name and manufacturer: VERASCOPE RF (Richard Frérés). Complete and original from the time, this antique Vérascope stereoscopic camera by Jules Richard will stand out in a good collection of old-time photo equipment.History of Jules Richard Jules Richard was born in 1848. He was a famous French engineer and inventor, known as one of the fathers of photography. His father Felix invented the first metallic barometer in Paris and started a family business. After his death in 1876 the company was almost bankrupt, but Jules took over and in 1880 he invented a recording barometer which became quite popular. In the following years, the firm widened its production and reached a remarkable success. Along the way Richard became quite interested in stereoscopic photography and designed highly popular cameras such as the Verascope.

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