Siemens Projector, 1960's

Magnificent vintage Siemens projector for 16 mm sound films. In perfect working order.



Attractive Siemens film projector from the 1960s. This device comes in the shape of a set of two boxes, one of which keeps the projector while the other one is a speaker. The projector is in perfect condition and works like new, having been tested with mute film. It is designed to project 16mm films and is a real collectors item. The boxes are made of metal and have a hammered light green enamel finish. Both have a handle to carry them. The device works perfectly and both the projector and the speaker keep all their original parts, including the wiring and the bulb. The speaker bears the logo and name of brand Siemens in silvery metal letters, and we can also read this name in the projectors dashboard. This article keeps the original beige bakelite knobs on a black background; just over them, we can see the same black background, with white drawings showing how to assemble the projector. At the front of the projector we can see again the word Siemens and the logo, while at the rear there is a paper label attached to the metal with the number 7930. Siemens brand was founded in 1857 by Werner von Siemens, and its first design was a telegraph. In some years the workshop known as Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske became an international corporation. This great projector is a good example of this company´s production and also a charming vintage piece, the best acquisition for any lover of the seventh art. Measurements: Width: 650 mm. Height: 720 mm.

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