Antique French Portico Pendulum Clock. France, Circa 1900

Beautiful portico pendulum mantle clock with Barbot movement. In fine condition and working order.



Stylish antique French portico pendulum clock made circa 1900, in good condition and in working order. The clock mounts Barbot movement and chimes the hours and the halves, being at the same time a decorative and functional piece. Though being almost one hundred years old, it preserves all its original component parts and is still a good-looking and timeless item. The clock itself is mounted in a portico-type wooden structure, a very popular design at the turn of the century inspired in the neoclassic trend that was booming at the time. The structure is made of solid-mahogany wood with handmade wooden inlaid details. It is composed of a rectangular base with four small legs, four cylindrical pillars and a threshold, also rectangular in shape. At the front of the base and the threshold we can see the same inlaid decoration, made of lemongrass wood, depicting a vase with flowers that extend to both sides. The inlaid work is amazingly preserved and shows no missing or worn parts. The rectangular pieces and the pillars are adorned with slim light-colored wooden strips which create elegant parallel and crossed lines. In essence, it is a very delicate and appealing decoration. The clocks dial and movement are mounted under the threshold, surrounded by the pillars. The dial is made of white-enameled metal and bears black roman numerals and breguet hands, also black. The dial is marked Duché, Pére et Fils A. Dermont FD and is framed by a bronze circular detail with embossed flowers and dotted background. The pendulum bob is made of bronze too and is entirely decorated with embossed and engraved motifs, including a laying angel with a dog and two symmetrical dragons. The clocks movement is marked with the inscription ÉTABLISSEMENT BARBOT DE PARIS and the number 1775. For its gorgeous look and great quality, this antique French portico pendulum clock is bound to shine in a stylish and charismatic dining room. Dimensions: Width: 9.65 in / 24.5 cm. Height: 18.5 in / 47 cm. Depth: 5.5 in / 14 cm.

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