Rare Imhof Desktop Clock with Automaton Singing Bird. Switzerland, 1960s

Gorgeous brass mantel clock shaped as a cage, containing an automaton bird which moves and sings. In good working order.



Rare Imhof Desktop Clock with Automaton Singing Bird. Switzerland, 1960s

Rare Imhof desktop clock with automaton singing bird, made in Switzerland in the 1960s and in excellent condition. This is an exclusive and unconventional piece, extremely delicate and with an uncommon charm. The watch is gold plated and is shaped as a cage, with curved top and an ample rectangular pedestal. The dial and the movement are at the top of the cage; under the clock we can see the automaton bird, whose own independent movement is hidden inside the pedestal. If we wind it (the winding key is under the pedestal) and press the rear button, the bird will move from left to right, open its beck, move its wings and sing. On the other hand, the clock is signed by the Swiss house Imhof name at the 12 position, black Roman numerals, gilt hands and alarm function. At its back we can see the serial number 1560754. Under the pedestal there is another engraved number, 70387, and the grid which lets the automaton bird’s song out.

For its amazing look and fine sound, this rare Imhof desktop clock with automaton singing bird will surely shine in the most special place.

Dimensions: Width: 4.96 in / 12.6 cm. Height: 8,85 in / 22.5 cm. Depth: 3.30 in / 8.4 cm.

This clock is very rare. Here are the results of the only similar watch auctioned in past years:

6250 Swiss Francs - 6520 € - US$ 7120 plus auction fees, approximately an additional 15%:


And here is another one listed for direct sale on eBay at almost £7000:


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