Silver Virgin Lady of the Forsaken, Patron Saint of Valencia. Spain. Piró silversmiths

Spectacular silver image of the Virgin of the Neglected, Patron Saint of Valencia. Made by Piró Goldsmiths and with hallmarks.

4 900,00 €


Amazing silver image of the Virgin Lady of the Forsaken, Patron Saint of Valencia, made by Piró Orfebres (Piró silversmiths) and in excellent condition. This magnificent figure depicts the Virgin in great detail, mixing white and gilt silver in order to create a bright and serene effect. The Virgin stands on a marble pedestal and is dressed with a pyramid-shaped cloak, following the classic style of Romanesque figures. The Virgins dress and cloak are made of white silver, decorated with many engraved and embossed motifs including hearts, crosses, vases and scrolls. The image is holding Baby Jesus in Her arms, dressed with a similar cloak, and there are two semi-naked kids at her feet in an attitude of praying. The figures skin is made of gilt silver, which makes it stand out over the rest of the image. The big crown and the cross are also made of gilt silver, being the most beautiful trimming detail for this spectacular figure. At the foot we can see the silversmiths mark, PIRÓ, perfectly marked in the metal.The price of this image, if ordered directly from Piro Silversmiths, is much, much higher. It is manufactured to order.This striking silver image of the Virgin Lady of the Forsaken, Patron Saint of Valencia, will shine in any chapel or church, or in the most special place of a home. Dimensions: Width: 9.45 in / 24 cm. Height: 16.54 in / 42 cm. Weight: 3180 g.

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