Virgin Mary Mother of Sorrows. Oil on Board. Italian School, 18th Century

Amazing antique oil on board from the Italian School. Depicting Virgin Mary Mother of Sorrows.

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Outstanding Virgin Mary Mother of Sorrows, an oil on board from the Italian School painted in the 18th century. The quality of the artists work and the profound spirituality irradiated by the image turn this painting into a masterpiece, worthy to belong to a great art collection, a museum or a cathedrals treasure. The painting is oval in shape and depicts Virgin Mary Mother of Sorrows, sitting and with a blue and golden-ochre garment. In her hands, the figure holds a Crown of Thorns and a Sword. The Crown symbolizes the Virgins Fourth Sorrow (Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord, John, 19, 17-30), and the Sword, the First Sorrow: The Prophecy of Simeon (Luke, 2, 22-35), in which the so-called old man told Mary: A sword will trespass your soul. In the background, a dark landscape lets us see the Cross in the Calvary. The picture is exceptionally beautiful Virgin Marys face shows a gesture of contained pain, enhanced by the movement of the hands. The subtle dark color palette provides the painting with strength and intensity; the painting attractive is emphasized by the fine water-gilt frame. At the top right corner there is a very slight flaw which does not interfere at all in the works beauty and historical value. Instead, it is an insignificant detail for such an antique piece, nearly 300 years old. This amazing Virgin Mary of the Sorrows, painted in oil on board and from the Italian School, is bound to preside a very special dining room or stance. Dimensions: Oil Painting without Frame: Width: 11 in /28.5 cm. Height: 14.76 in / 37.5 cm. Oil Painting with Frame: Width: 15.75 in / 40 cm. Height: 19.30 in / 49 cm."IMPORTANT: In order to export antique artwork outside of Spain, it is necessary to apply for a special art export permit that is processed by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. These permits can take between 2 and 6 weeks, after which time it can be exported as antique artwork. Keep this in mind when purchasing."

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