Sacred Family. Oil on Copper Miniature. Mexican Colonial School, 18th Century

Gorgeous and very antique miniature of the Sacred Family, painted in oil on copper. Collectors piece.

950,00 €


Antique Sacred Family, an oil on-copper miniature from the Mexican Colonial School (18th Century). This work of art, entirely original, shows an incredible attention to detail despite its small size. In only 1.97 x 2.36 inches, the artist was able to reflect the spirituality and love of the three members of the Sacred Family, with all kind of details. The scene shows Virgin Mary and the mail figure, holding Baby Jesus in her left arm. Saint Joseph is painted in the bottom left corner, kneeling at the feet of Mary and grabbing a rosarys end with his hand. The other end is held by the Virgin, symbolizing the union between them (strengthened by the religion). The group is depicted in front of a golden-ochre background flanked by clouds. The painting is executed in warm reddish colors which make a great combination with the dark green cloaks of Mary and Joseph. The cloaks edges and the folds of Jesuss cloth are enhanced by gold and white lines which provide the miniature with shape. Light beams emerge from Virgin Marys head, making this part the center of attention. The paiting comes in a beautiful water-gilt carved wooden frame, perfect for its exhibition. This Sacred Family, a delicate oil on-copper miniature from the Mexican Colonial School, is an amazing work of art nearly 300 years old and of exceptional beauty. Dimensions: Miniature without Frame: Width: 1.97 in / 5 cm. Height: 2.36 in. Frame: 4.65 in / 11.8 cm. Heigth: 5.12 in / 13 cm. "IMPORTANT: In order to export antique artwork outside of Spain, it is necessary to apply for a special art export permit that is processed by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. These permits can take between 2 and 6 weeks, after which time it can be exported as antique artwork. Keep this in mind when purchasing."

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