Swiss. Magnificent Infantry Officer's Sword. Model 1899. Circa 1940

Impressive Swiss infantry officer's sword in superb condition. Museum piece.



Gorgeous Swiss sword for infantry officer, model 1899, in amazing condition and original from the 1st half of the 20th century. The sword probably dates from World War II and remains very well preserved. This is a beautiful weapon, with shiny blade and scabbard and engraved filigree hilt. The swords blade looks even, shiny and with no dents or traces of rust. Engraved near the hilt we can see a small inscription in capital letters: A. KNOFF BERN, the maker and the city where he worked, Bern (Switzerland). The steel scabbard also looks shiny and gorgeous; it mounts a wonderful reddish-brown leather harness in amazing condition too. The leather is well preserved and shows no crackled or worn parts; the seams are strong and firm, and the rings and metal pieces are also in great condition. Nevertheless, the most beautiful part of this sword is surely the hilt. It mounts a wide cross-guard decorated with filigree motives that provide it a light look- The cross-guard curves to become a lovely D-guard with the Swiss cross engraved in the center. The grip preserves the original leather wrapping and the twisted wire that holds it in place. Knotted to the hilt we can see a fine red and gold portepee, trimmed by a grey tassel and in impeccable condition. As beautiful as historic, this Swiss sword for infantry officer is bound to decorate an important wall or showcase. Measurements: Sword: 31.4 in / 80 cm. Blade and Scabbard: 78.5 in / 30.9 cm.

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