Original Morse Telegraph Station from 1880. Good Condition.

Morse telegraph station manufactured in 1880. Designed to be recessed in a table.



Original Morse telegraph station, made in 1880. The design is intended to be inserted into a table. Made of wood (the base is solid oak) with brass mechanism, it is really an object full of charm that speaks of the time of the first telecommunications. The station works perfectly, without having been tested electrically. It is presented almost complete, lacking only the ink deposit. At the base we can see the engraved serial number: 2212. The vertical box, made of mahogany veneer, holds in the top center a screen with a scale and a needle. Under it there is a metal plate coated in black, with a German inscription indicating the brand (Czeija, Nissl & Co.) and the City (Wien). The wood has small scratches in the polish that can be easily restored. This box is fixed to a side of the base, while on the rest of ist surface we find different mechanisms, among which the we can see the key and the rollers. The general mechanism shows excellent condition and works perfectly. The metal is well polished and shows only slight signs of wear and friction, result of years and use. On the metal box there is a sliding cover that shows the gears, perfectly preserved. In the wooden base we can see a small drawer which, when opened, shows a circular mechanism. A complete set of full details of interest that give life to this beautiful nineteenth-century telegraph, whose presence will be the finishing touch to any collection. Telegraph Station measures: 530 mm wide x 250 mm high.

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