Antique Wall Telephone. Ericsson. Switzerland, Circa 1910

Gorgeous antique Ericsson wall telephone nearly one hundred years old. Very decorative item. Entirely original from the time.



Antique Ericsson wall telephone made in Switzerland circa 1910, complete and very decorative. This item is completely original and was used nearly one hundred years ago, connected to a telephone switchboard. In order to use it, the user must turn the crank and get in connection with the switchboard. From there he or she would be transferred to the desired number. The telephone is in very good condition and preserves all its original component parts: the crank (slightly deformed but operative), the bells, the earpiece, the microphone and the wiring. The box is made of solid mahogany wood and keeps the original finish in quite good condition. At the bottom there is a small cabinet designed to store the paper for the notes. The earpiece and the circular metal plate embedded at the top bear the engraved inscription K. TELEGRAPHVERKETS VERKSTAD STOCKHOLM. Truly original and really beautiful, this antique Ericsson wall telephone is the perfect piece to provide any room or hall with a touch of interest and style. Dimensions: Width: 10.63 in / 27 cm. Depth: 9.45 in / 24 cm. Height: 23.62 in / 60 cm.Ericsson History Ericsson was founded in 1876 by Lars Magnus Ericsson. The company started out in a small workshop where telegraph instruments were repaired, but when the first telephones entered in Switzerland the business started to grow. From the very first moment, Ericsson was aware of the possibilities of the new invention and started improving the existing models and producing his own versions. The first Ericsson telephones were launched in 1878; by 1896 the company had 500 employees and had already manufactured more than 100000 units. Today Ericsson is a major multinational company, leader in the telecommunications field.

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