Very Antique and Rare Wall Telephone. Circa 1880

Antique wooden and metal wall telephone, one of the first ever models manufactured. With original key and in fine condition.



Very antique and rare wall telephone, made circa 1880 and in very good condition. This model is one of the first ones ever manufactured, and though it is nearly 150 years old it still preserves all its component parts, showing a fine appearance. The telephone mounts a wooden receiver, an extremely rare device which can only be found in the most antique models. The black-bakelite speaker is mounted on two hinged metal rods which make it possible to lift or lower it, in order to adapt it to the users height. The design is composed of a vertical wooden plank which is hung on the wall and supports the rest of the elements. These are all made of solid mahogany wood, with chrome-plated metal pieces for the mechanisms. The vertical plank is cut with a fine symmetrical shape; a mahogany box with lid is attached to it, containing the mechanism and the wires. The box can be open and locked with the original key, still preserved. Over the box we can see the speaker and the two bells of the ring. At one side there is a crank to make the phone calls, and at the other, the receiver hanging from a hook. This very antique and rare wall telephone is a remarkable article for its uniqueness and gorgeous design. It is surely a real collectors piece, a witness of the first days in the history of telecommunications.

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