Gorgeous Antique French Desk Telephone Model 1910. France, 1925

Outstanding desk telepohone mod. 1910 with mahogany wooden box. In excellent condition. Museum piece.



Gorgeous antique French desk telephone model 1910, made in France in 1925 and in superb condition. This amazing piece has soli-mahogany wooden box, with great dovetail joints as strong as attractive. The wood is wonderfully preserved and has a warm French-polish finish which enhances its lovely reddish color. The telephone has a main handset and a secondary one, just for listening. The wiring is the original one, surprisingly well preserved for an article which is almost one century old. The receiver and the speaker bear different engraved inscriptions with dates and patents, all of them perfectly legible. The box has a riveted metal plate with embossed inscriptions which indicate that the telephone was a Property of the Estate, No. 427 of Model 1910, made by the ASSOCIATION DE OUVRS. EN INSTRTS. DE PRÉCISION and with the address of the company in Paris. If we lift the top of the box, we will find the fascinating mechanism and the wiring that once brought this amazing telephone to life. Any lover of tech-related antiques will appreciate the charm and value of this gorgeous antique French desk telephone model 1910. Dimensions: Side: 6.89 in / 17 cm. Boxs Height: 5.71 in / 14.5 cm. Total Height: 9 in / 23 cm.

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