Antique English Intercom Telephone. England, Circa 1920

Nostalgic intercom telephone in fine condition. Nearly 100 years old. Very beautiful.



Antique English intercom telephone made circa 1920, in good condition and with a really attractive design. This article is entirely original from the time and has a solid-mahogany box with lovely dovetail joints. The wood preserves its original finish, though it is somewhat worn by the trace of time and the use. The telephone was probably used in an office or factory for inner communications - at the front we can see two white plates with inscriptions in capital letters. These inscriptions give instructions for the correct operation of the device. It preserves its original component parts, from the brass and black-bakelite earpiece and microphone to the mentioned plates, the red key to call control and the inner mechanism. The telephones design is sober and classic, with an undefinable old-time charm which will delight any lover of technical antiques or collector of early-20th electrical devices. This fascinating antique English intercom telephone will shine on the wall of an attractive dining room, study or hall. Dimensions: Width: 6.89 in / 17.5 cm. Height: 12.2 in / 31 cm. Depth: 4.13 in / 10.5 cm.

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