Antique Bell Wooden Telephone. France, Circa 1900

Authentic antique wall telephone more than one century old. In fine condition and with the original key.



Amazing antique wooden telephone made circa 1900, more than one century old and in good condition. This telephone is a wall model with wooden box and chrome-plated metal parts. All the component parts and pieces are original, including the key which operates the front lock (in working order). The box is made of solid mahogany wood and has artisanal dovetail joints at the corners. It is in fine condition, with just the logical signs of the trace of time and the use: these signs only provide the telephone with an increased historic interest and a unique and true essence. Attached to the front side there are two ringing bells, a microphone and the stated lock. At the left side we can see the black bakelite earpiece, connected to the mechanism by the original cord and hanging on the mobile hook. If we open the telephone box we will see the inner mechanism, with the original wiring and elements. Marked in the inner side of the front there is a partially-worn inscription: BELL TEL. MFG Societé Anonyme. Nostalgic and attractive, this antique wooden telephone is the perfect piece to add an original andspecial touch to the decoration of any room. Dimensions: Width: 6.5 in / 16 cm. Height: 10.24 in / 26 cm.

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