Exceptional Bailly-Weibel Hand-Carved Mantel Clock. Unique Piece. France, 19th Century

Astonishing hand-carved wooden clock in perfect condition. Unique piece. Signed in the movement.



Exceptional Bailly S. de Weibel hand-carved mantel clock, a unique piece made in France in the 19th century and in excellent working order. The movement is signed Bailly, Successeur de Weibel à Lyon and gives the hours and the halves. The box is made of hand-carved solid mahogany wood, entirely decorated with high-relief figures depicting lions, heraldic motifs and leaves performed in a very realistic way. It shows a great condition, with just one small restoration at the crowning piece. The wood bears a great artisanal French-polish finish, whose warm glow enhances the mahoganys beauty and its deep reddish tone. The carving work turns this clock into a real work of art. The box is pyramidal in shape, with an ample curved base adorned with a silvery-metal band at the border. Over the base, two impressive lions support the rest of the piece. They are identical and symmetrical, and only their front part is depicted: the expressive heads with almost-human faces and the powerful front legs. Between them, the dial sits over a coat of arms which presides the center of the clock. The dial is located in front of a triangular wooden piece; it is framed by two wings and crowned by a complicated top piece composed of high-relief scrolls and leaves. The silvery-metal dial is profusely adorned with engraved leaves. The circular edge simulates a rolled ribbon. It has black Roman numerals and gilt Louis-XV hands. The dials look is as baroque and decorative as the rest of the clock. At the back, the box has a glass convex door with brass edge which lets us reach the brass movement with the gong. The plate bears an engraved oval mark with the manufacturers name and city of origin, Lyon. Superb and unique, this exceptional hand-carved Bailly S. de Weibel mantel clock will shine on the mantelpiece or a sideboard of a classy dining room. Dimensions: Width: 21.6 in / 55 cm. Height: 16.9 in / 43 cm. Depth: 9.8 in / 25 cm.

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