Antique Solid Silver Powder Compact, Art Nouveau Style. Germany, 1925

Beautiful solid silver cigarette case with modernist decoration. In perfect condition.



Elegant powder or cigarette case made of sterling silver, manufactured in Germany in 1925. This is a singularly beautiful piece with a fully modernist or Art-Nouveau-style decoration, so fashionable in the early 20th century. The case is very well preserved and bears a series of hallmarks that testify for the silvers quality and origin. The hallmarks can be seen in the base: there are two partially worn marks and the number 830 between them. The base also bears the following hand-engraved inscription or dedicatory: Esther Bronnen Julen 1925. The case is square in shape and bears a gorgeous decoration. The main motive, embossed in the lid, depicts a mythological and gallant scene with a winged woman (probably a fairy) who throws flowers from a wheel she is carrying. The woman is surrounded by three naked cherubs that play with her, hanging from her clothes and catching the flowers. This is a really charming scene, so full of life and with a true romantic atmosphere. Framing the scene there are a lot of engraved and embossed motives that provide it with relevance and depth. We can see volutes, crowns, pineapples and decorative abstract shapes, orderly but asymmetrically disposed. The result is a decoration full of creative freedom and harmony that wends through the cases sides. This decoration and the noble metal it is made of turn this powder case into a real small-sized work of art, a collectors piece worthy of an elegant dame. Any lover of turn-of-the-century decorative arts will find a unique piece in this lovely silver powder case. Measurements: Side: 3.3 in / 8.5 cm.

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