Antique Hand Decorated Solid Silver Magnifying Glass. England, 1907

Beautiful solid silver magnifying glass with original magnifying glass. Perfect as a desk item.



This gorgeous sterling silver magnifier is an antique piece made in Chester, England in 1907. The magnifier has survived to our days in wonderful condition and keeps the original magnifying glass. It can still be used to magnify documents and objects. The handle is completely engraved by hand with modernist-style motives that create a lovely decoration. It also bears the hallmarks that testify for the silvers quality and origin: the ones corresponding to the magnifiers origin and the silversmiths mark containing the initials J&RG. The whole piece is amazingly preserved and exudes charm and personality. This lovely silver magnifier can be a great gift for anybody who can appreciate the most beautiful and authentic antiques. Measurements: Length: 19 cm.

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