Very beautiful antique cruets in solid silver and cut crystal. France, 19th Century

Beautiful cruets of solid silver and hand cut blue glass. Delicate and antique. France



This gorgeous antique solid silver cruet set comes from France, where it was manufactured in the 19th century. It is made of sterling silver with hallmarks and hand-carved crystal. The combination of these materials makes up an exceptional piece, with a very singular delicacy and a timeless elegance. The two pieces come in a specific sterling silver stand. The silver stand is a fine tray with four legs that lift it up slightly. It is decorated with embossed and engraved volutes, shells and medallions. At each side it has a cylindrical vase-shaped piece with filigree decoration, designed to contain the cruets. In the center there is a vertical and stylized silver element used to lift and carry the set. On both sides of this vertical element we can see two small stands; the crystal lids can be put on them while the cruets are in use. The sterling silver stand has two hallmarks engraved in the base, testifying for the silvers quality and origin. One of them is the silversmiths mark, showing some strange shapes that remind us of insects legs. The other contains a profile of Minerva goddess, the symbol of French silver. On the other hand, the cruets are immensely beautiful and constitute highly decorative pieces. They are fully made of blue artisanal crystal, carved by hand with diagonal twisting shapes and decorative circles. The carving creates sparkles and subtle tones, providing the glass with dynamism and movement. Its ancient age and undeniable beauty turn this sterling silver cruet set into an exhibition piece, bound to shine and stand out. Measurements: Width: 9.4 in / 11 cm. Height: 11 in /28 cm.

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