Antique British Colonial BowBilt Helmet. England, Circa 1930

Authentic British BowBilt helmet in very good condition. With all its component parts. Inside fabric label in excellent condition.



Antique British colonial BowBilt spiked helmet made for Payne Bros Ltd. Circa 1930. The helmet comes from England and remains in very good condition, finely preserved and complete. The inner structure seems to be made of cork, an isolating, flexible and light material. These helmets were usually worn in ancient expeditions to hot damp places (African or Asian countries mainly), and cork was the best material for their manufacture. Outside the helmet is covered by a white fabric, while the inner lining is light brown. They are both well preserved and only show some slight signs of dust in concrete places. At the top of the hat we can see a metal spike similar to those of the famous pickelhaube German helmets. Inside it preserves the leather reinforcements that makes it possible to fit the head in the helmet, in fine condition and complete too. We can also see the fabric label with information about the manufacturer and the distributor: JOYWEAR BOWBILT HEALTH HELMET MADE IN ENGLAND MADE EXPRESSLY FOR PAYNE BROS. LTD. DURBAN. The label also contains the serial number: HAT Nº 207475. This striking antique British colonial BowBilt helmet made for Payne Bros Ltd. Is a real collectors piece, which takes us to the glorious years of the great explorers.

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